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Bar is Best!

October 09, 2017

It all about the bar, about the bar!  You like my play on words there? Thank you Meghan Trainor for the inspiration.
The benefits of bar soap are becoming more pronounced to the green beauty community; however the benefits for milk cleansing bars are still unknown. Learn how to Swap out that Toxic Body Cleanser
Milk, why milk? Unlike water, raw goats milk is packed with cream, vitamins and minerals that are gentle and soothing to the skin while cleansing.
Our bars were created by me, like you, with sensitive and problem skin in mind! Our soap bars contain more milk, no water, botanicals (fruits, vegetables and herbs) and essential oils to provide you with a creamy conditioning bar of soap. No matter your skin type, leaving your skin nourished, silky and smooth.
You are probably suffering from either hormonal blemishes, dry, oily or combination skin, right. One of these is you.  I have been there.

Heather of Indie Goat Soap White Label Goats Milk Soap - Indie Goat Soap Co.

As a consumer, making for the consumer, I can feel your pain when trying to find that “perfect” balancing soap to work with your skin to nourish it.
Indie Goat Soap’s offer this ultra moisturizing and thick milky lather, filled with active ingredients to give you an effective nourishing cleansing bar.

So, let's get you started, shall we!

Blemish Prone/Oily Skin: Flawless, Black Label or White Label
All Skin Types: Restored, Daring, Focused and Wild
Sensitive Skin: Bare
Combination Skin: Flair


Kick off your new skin care routine with 3 months supply of soap for $25 with code SET3IGMS!  Yes, 3 bars, 3 months* supply!

*On normal use and proper storage of soap in shower.

Cheers -Heather

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