Why use Goats Milk Soap?

June 14, 2017

Why use Goats Milk Soap?

Hey y’all, Heather here!  We just returned from our event last weekend, and a question that we are frequently asked is fresh on my mind...

“Why goats milk soap?”

Rather than simply say “Well why not!”, we believe you should know the story behind our goats milk soap and why you should put away all others and exclusively use Indie Goat Soap!

Typically when considering a new product, skincare or otherwise, you look for a compelling reason to purchase, right?  And what sets one recipe or list of ingredients apart from others?

Well here’s the skinny on ours...

When I originally started down this path of creating goat’s milk soap in 2013, I created several different recipes to test out before mastering Indie Goat Soap Co.’s proprietary recipe in 2014.

Soap making is both chemistry and craft; and it is this combination of talent and passion that makes each soap maker unique.  No one soap maker has a recipe like the other.  Cool, right?

For me, making sure each ingredient was superior; from the fats, oils and botanicals used to our raw goats milk; was imperative.  The combination of natural ingredients needed to provide both the perfect amount of nourishment AND result in a lavishly thick lather that cleansed your skin.  One without the other was not acceptable.

I learned that by eliminating water and using only raw goats milk, a highly moisturizing, nourishing, and cleansing lather resulted that made my skin feel smooth. That’s why we use 38% raw goats milk with no water dilution in all of our Indie Goat Soap Co. bars! Using a high concentration of goats milk allows our recipe to be superior, highly nourishing, and to provide that amazing lather that our customers love.  Silky, smooth skin for all.


But don’t just take my word for it...have you ever used a mainstream bar of soap and noticed your skin feeling dry and itchy afterward? Maybe not if that’s all you’ve ever used.  But there is a reason why your skin feels differently after using goat milk soap.  Commercial soaps use water as a primary ingredient, and also a lot of chemicals which is a topic for another post. Totally different end result than what we strive for.


And that’s your educational minute from the farm for today! We hope that if you haven’t tried Indie Goat Soap Co. yet you will visit our website, read our customer reviews and give us a try!  We promise you will fall in love!



Heather // Co-Owner & Product Developer


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