Happy Anniversary Indie Goat Soap Co!

July 01, 2017 1 Comment

Happy Anniversary Indie Goat Soap Co!

Hello July!  Can you believe it’s time to flip the calendar again?

July is an amazing month here, as Amanda and I celebrate the anniversary of our partnership to take Indie Goat Soap Co. to the next level. The butterflies of excitement I feel on this milestone takes me back to the memory of the butterflies and nerves that I felt a year ago when I first entertained the idea of bringing Amanda on board as co-owner of Indie.

I paced in my barn for days, thinking of the future of this baby that I had created (Indie Goat Soap Co.) and thinking of the future of my family.  I gazed around at the goats and said “Can we do this girls?”.  

Heather's Goats at the Dairy Farm in Naples, NY

We won’t even get started on the countless conversations I had with my husband, where he did a lot of listening, then talking, then listening some more. “Will my ideals for Indie Goat stay true as we grow and someone in addition to me is making decisions?”  This was a huge concern for me.  Thankfully, when he did talk it was with great support, assurance and belief that this was the right thing to do.  He’s always been good at that, and still is to this day!

Well friends, here we are a year later and I’m so glad I took the leap because WE DID IT! The chemistry Amanda and I share, along with our collaborative visions of Indie, is what has built this amazing company that you all know today as Indie Goat Soap Co..  Hooray!

Heather and Amanda from Indie Goat Soap Co., Naples, NY

It has been a great first year as business partners! From introducing the new look of our brand, to meeting our fabulous Indie customers at events; from being welcomed into local retailers, to creating private label soaps...the list goes on! And we are so thrilled with the journey!

So before we spill the secret of how we will be celebrating with you (Eeeek!), how about we get to know Amanda a little bit better first?

Amanda, what is your favorite part about Indie?

Being able to say everyday “I love my job”! Each morning I wake up excited to work on Indie and to share our amazing products with the world.  The passion that we have for our brand, and the passion that our customers have for Indie Goat Soap, is inspiring.  It has always been a life goal of mine to be a part of something I truly believe in, that reflects my values, and contributes good to the world.  And I’ve found that with Indie. 

What are your favorite products in our line?

Well clearly the soap!  I love our soap. It’s what first turned on the lightbulb in my brain when I thought about becoming a part of Indie.  As a mint fan, my favorite collections are Restored, Flair and our new Gentleman.  I’m a high-energy, early morning type of girl, and the scent of peppermint definitely helps to wake me up!  Second to the soap, I loooove our hand salve. It’s so moisturizing, but not greasy.  Which is perfect for an on-the-go Mom like me.

Amanda from Indie Goat Soap Co., at Heather's Dairy Farm

Where do you see Indie Goat Soap in the next few years?

World Domination! Haha just kidding. That may take more than a few years.  Seriously, I see Indie Goat Soap Co. as a self-sustaining, thriving, national brand in the next few years.  We are laying all of the groundwork now at an organic pace so that we can scale without killing ourselves (or each other) or sacrificing any of Indie’s values.  It’s really challenging for me not to run out and ask to be on every store shelf in America, but I realize we will get there.  We have amazing products and little by little the word is getting out.  As my husband loves to remind me, “Rome was not built in a day”.  

(How can you help spread the word?? Refer friends and earn free soap! Join via website)

How do you balance being a mom, business owner, wife, etc.?

I have a lot of help!  We are fortunate to live near family, which is a blessing when you have little ones.  And my husband is crazy supportive and understands the demands of running a business, as he owns several himself.  Heather and I are learning how to better read each other, so that when one of us starts to burn out, the other person steps in and says “Take a break”. Honestly I think the term “balance” is an elusive concept though; one sphere of your life is always going to be leading at any point in time.  It’s just figuring out how to rotate your priorities so that they are each in the driver’s seat from time to time.

If you could go back and tell your 10-year old self 1 thing, what would it be?

Slow down. Enjoy each day.  Heck, I still tell myself that on a daily basis.  Life is flying by faster than the speed of light, and once you have kids, it speeds up even more.  I recently gifted myself a bracelet that reads “Live in the present.” I wear it every day to try and remind myself that tomorrow will always be there but today will not.  It’s so easy to get caught up and focus on what needs to happen next, that you forget to enjoy what is happening now. Especially in business. I mean, I can’t believe Heather and I are celebrating being partners in Indie Goat for an entire year! How did that happen already??

Thanks Amanda! Hope you all enjoyed getting to know the other Boss Mom behind Indie Goat Soap Co. a little bit better.

So to wrap it up, we are excited to announce that in honor of our 1 year anniversary, we will be offering our largest promotion yet…Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all of our products!* We owe our success this past year to all of you, and we want to properly thank you for your unbelievable support. So shop away Indie friends!  And Thank You!!

Happy Shopping!
Heather & Amanda


*for the week of July 10th thru July 16th, 2017 only*

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Becca Webster
Becca Webster

July 04, 2017

Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait to try some of your products!

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