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September 19, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all!

Recently I have started trying to subscribe more to the belief that "Less is more".   My family can attest that over the past year, I have started randomly walking around our house, selecting unsuspecting items from the toy bin, closet, pantry, etc. for donation, recycle or the trash can.  

Little black sweater that hasn't been worn in years? Into the donation pile.  Random set of toys with missing pieces? Into the recycle bin.  Baseball cap #29 that has seen better days?? Tossed.

I've reached a point in my life where I don't want to live a life filled with unnecessary stuff. I don't need 20 pair of shoes. I don't need a closet full of "maybe someday" clothes.  My children don't need more toys than they can play with. And I definitely don't need a pantry full of preservative-filled foods.

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to live with less. My mornings run more smoothly now that I have less outfits to choose from. Not only do I save time and money, but I also save brainpower for more important decision-making later in the day. I spend less time tripping over and reorganizing toys for the 100th time, and my body definitely feels better with less preservatives in it.

Coincidentally and not by accident, I also make it a point to live with less when it comes to my skincare. Now, in full disclosure, I am one of the mom bosses behind Indie Goat Soap Co. and we pride ourselves on "less is more" when it comes to ingredients. With only 5-7 ingredients per product, our brand embodies less is more. Not only that, you can read and understand the ingredients! I mean seriously, have you ever looked at the label on your favorite soap or lotion? Have you read through the list of ingredients listed? Have you tried to pronounce half of them? Because I have and if not for Google, I wouldn't have stood a chance. Do we really need all of that stuff in there?

See here's the thing: Living with less isn't just about materialism.  It's about more than that. It's about living a clean and healthy life; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It's about making a conscious decision of what to allow into your life and into your body.  It's about educating yourself on the benefits and risks associated with "more", because for better or worse, we as a society have definitely grown accustomed to "more". But is more better?

I can tell you from my personal experience, I believe less is truly best. I feel calmer when I have less choices to make, less things surrounding me, and less preservatives in and on my body. I feel better knowing my daughters will grow up appreciating experiences over things, and leading the healthy and natural lifestyle they've grown accustomed to.

I encourage each of you to take a look at your lives (and your skincare labels!) and see where there is room to live more with less. And keep me in the loop! I'd love to hear how you make positive changes toward a future filled with less, so you can spend more time living.

Till next time -Amanda 

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