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My Recent Battle with Acne and What I Did

November 05, 2018

My Recent Battle with Acne and What I Did


I want to let you in on something personal.  A story of my recent battle with a acne and my own skin confidence.   

Oh, what a challenge hormones can be.

I recently went through a personal health issue that threw my hormones all out of whack.  What happened inside of my body was out of my control, and my skin on the outside showed it.  All I wanted to do was to move past the upheaval that had taken over my life, but every time I looked in the mirror I was reminded.  Every glimpse of cystic acne lining my neck, the irritating feeling of my bra rubbing the pimples on my back and chest, the dry spots that flaked on my temples…all brought the waves of emotion back and prevented me from moving forward.   That all too familiar feeling of negativity took over.  I felt like I was sixteen again. That place you don’t want to be at the moment, I was there.

UGH #fml!

I was angry at my body for doing this.  I was upset that I was being reminded on a daily basis of the exact thing I was trying to heal from.  I knew it was just an imbalance of hormones and I needed to focus on what I could control.  Crying and sobbing I did what I know best; I relied upon my skincare routine and supplements to help my body regain control and to help me feel my best.  

I stepped up my skin care game. I cleansed twice a day, masked 3 times a week, and bathed my skin with facial oil.  Using Indie Goat goodies of course!

I improved my nutrition.  

  • I craved salads more than usual with Spinach, Kale, soft boil eggs and Almonds.  Wegmans has this great Organic Spinach Green Mix.  Calcium helps regulate new cell production and wound repair.    

Heather of Indie Goat calcium rich green salads

  • I was taking already a supplement of 830 mcg of Omega 3-DHA, EPA by Nordic Naturals.  Omegas help healthy oil production, strengthen the skin barrier, assists in mood and hormone regulation.
  • I added magnesium,  Natural Calm before bed helped relax my mind and body to have a restful sleep.  Magnesium calms the nervous system, aids with PMS (give me a double shot, right!) and relaxes muscles.
  • Yogurt! I love yogurt topped with chocolate and almonds, it is so much better than bingeing on a candy bar.  If you are going to eat chocolate make sure it is 70% dark chocolate. Probiotics help support your gut flora which boosts immunity and helps nourish the skin and aids in bloating.

Wegmans Vegtable Hummus and Organic Carrots

  • Organic Carrots and hummus! Vitamin A is essential for cell renewal and repair, aids in cell turn over, regulates the sebaceous glands (cystic acne cause).
  • I take a Folic Acid supplement 800 mcg once daily. This is also within my chickpea hummus and leafy green salads. Folate helps with cell repair.


And I stepped up my mental game.  I had dance sessions with my husband and kids in the kitchen. Music is so moving.  It’s great therapy for stress relief.

Listening to music increases positive emotions through the reward centers of our brains essentially stimulating hits of dopamine, a chemical in our brain that affects emotions. This causes us to feel good and cause emotions like happiness and excitement. “

Every day that my skin improved, so did I.  I was gaining my confidence back.  My cystic acne was now just faint red marks, the pimples on my chest and back were going through their dry phase of healing, the dry flaky spots on my temples had regained moisture.   

It has been a hard few months, but here I am in November and my best skin is back.  Hooray! And along with it, my skin confidence.

The battle with a pimple never goes away.  You can gain control, but it never goes away, regardless of what people or companies may promise.   Everyone thinks that acne, blemishes, and pimples are only in your teens. I am here to tell you that is not true.  Those pesky pimples are a part of you.  And they love to appear at the most inconvenient times…family picture day, date night, job interview, important business meeting.  Annoying to say the least!

So, remember this story the next time you see someone and you think “Must be nice to have perfect skin”.  You are not alone.  We all fight skin battles from time to time. Even me.  That’s why Indie Goat was founded.  The key is to focus on what you can control.

I never stopped my skin care regimen, I never stopped eating healthy and I never gave up.

We are here to help you problem solve.  Supporting you and helping you achieve your best skin and the skin confidence you deserve naturally is why we do what we do!

You are unique, you are you!

Peace out, Heather


PS: Celebrities are just like us too click here.

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