Taking your skin care to the next level!

August 01, 2017

Taking your skin care to the next level!

When I first began experimenting with and making goat milk soap in 2013, I was my own first customer.

Since my teenage years, I have suffered with blemishes and break-outs. It continued into my adult years and even after making changes to my diet and using a well-known step-by-step facial cleanser, I was still suffering.

Yes, I must admit: I was one of those people who initially used a harsh chemical based face cleanser. Celebrities swore it worked and I wanted to believe! Unfortunately, all it t did was dry out my skin and left me with skin that felt unnourished.

I was really frustrated. As someone with sensitive and blemish-prone skin, I just wanted something that was natural, good for my skin and toxin free. I wanted my skin to feel clean, nourish, and moisturized. Surely that had to be possible!

Indie Goat's Flawless Goats Milk Soap facial bar

So I decided to create my own. After a few batches, the Flawless bar (formerly tea tree and clay) was born.. It was and still is all of the above; Natural, good for your skin, and toxin free. Those who tried it, loved it. It is specially formulated to give you a rich, thick lather that provides a deep clean feeling while pulling nasty toxins from your pores.

I am proud to say that it is still one of the top selling “facial” bars of Indie Goat Soap today!

As I started down this path, I found I had a knack for creating formulas for soap and skincare. I love the process of blending natural ingredients into something unique and good for you. . It is truly a gift to be able to create products that help our customers lead healthier lives on a daily basis.

So, put away those harsh cleansers and try a bar of Indie Goat's namesake goat milk soap! Join the community of skin-healthy fans who enjoy the nourishing effects of green beauty!

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