The INDIE GOAT Resolution: 3 Tips to enhance your skin

January 01, 2018

The INDIE GOAT Resolution: 3 Tips to enhance your skin

Winter is in full swing and so is your bio-polar skin! My combo skin is all crazy and is screaming for that extra hydration, is your skin doing the same?  Well, I am to here to help you solve that problem of nourishment and moisturization during the winter months. 

However, we need to find out what your skin type is so we can work with your skin instead of against it to fix your hydration issues.


Step 1:  Find your Skin Type

We have a great page on our website to help you identify your skin type! Our skin type finder was developed by us to help you better identify your skin type, so you work with your skin with great products from INDIE GOAT to reap the most benefits of our soap + skin care.

Find your Skin Type here


Step 2:  Shop by your Skin Type

As we have just discovered Oily skin is not like Dry-Mature skin and Normal is not like Combo. Let’s say you have Oily-Blemish prone skin.  Your skin is looking shiny, you usually have blemishes; which are blocked pores.  Your goal is to boost balance your skin’s sebum production.

We have identified your Oily-Blemish prone skin by discovering you have….

  • Large + Visible Pores
  • Shine appears in the morning

So, next step is shopping by your oily-blemish prone skin type to find the best products to work with your skin instead of against it.

Shop INDIE GOAT’s Oily-Blemish Prone soap!


Step 3: Results!

You have identified your skin type, shopped by your skin type and purchased! YAY! Your package just arrived and you love the smell of those bars and cannot wait to get to use your new soap!

As consumers making for the consumer (you), we can guarantee your skin will be nourished and moisturized after the first use, however, you will not be able to see the effects of our nourishing soap until 7-10 days into your usage.  I know, know we all want overnight results, but for a true product to work we have to give your skin to be nourished by our raw goat milk, all natural and plant derived soap.


I hope you are able to enhance your skin care routine with our 3 simple skin care tips!


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