Our Story

The idea of Indie Goat Soap Co. was originated by Heather; a sassy, creative artist who had a dream to create skin-loving goat’s milk soap after suffering from skin issues and sensitivities to available products on the market today.  In after spending extensive time researching goat’s milk soap and the benefits it has for your skin, Indie was officially born.  And Wowza! Did life get busy!

Quickly the demand for Indie Goat’s products outweighed the supply, and Heather realized that it’s ok for a superhero to have a wingman.  Balancing 4 young children at home, a farm to take care of, and a growing business was becoming quite the juggling act.  

When Heather and Amanda met, the entrepreneurial stars aligned.  The level of oxygen in the room also depleted due to the non-stop conversation, but that’s a story for another time.  Suffice it to say, the girls hit it off and found value in each other and a shared vision for Indie Goat Soap Company:  Bringing high-quality, natural goat’s milk soap and skincare products into homes around the world, all while having fun and focusing on family.

Through our small batch operation, we are able to create high quality goat’s milk soap and skin care products using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients.  We carefully formulate and craft each batch with a creative sass, to deliver natural skin care products with a personality. 

We have fun creating what we love! Everything about Indie Goat reflects our unique flair and individual creativity. We love creating pure, natural, toxin-free skin care products that you feel good using!


 ---- FARM-TO-SKIN ----

We try to make it simpler for you to live healthier, happier lives.  We do the farm work, your skin benefits. 

Fresh air, lush green pastures, warm sunshine, the amazing scents of nature…all brought together for you and packaged neatly in our bars, lotions, balms.   We’ve decided to leave out the occasional scent of manure…you’re welcome.

The goat’s milk in our soap comes directly from our farm, allowing us to stand behind the quality of our products.  It’s fresh, it’s raw, and it’s loaded with nutrients for your skin.  Did we mention it’s fresh? ‘Cause it is.  And those nutrients?  They are awesome.  Load your skin up with some super food!

From our farm to your skin…it’s as simple as that.