The weather is changing and so is your skin...step up your skincare game!





Hello! And welcome to our skin-loving corner of the world.  We are Indie Goat.

We are founded on the principle of leading a healthy life, starting with your skin.  Did you know that your skin is your body's largest organ? Making it that much more vital that we pay attention to what we put on it!

Along with our commitment to lead healthy lives, we believe in community, positivity and spreading joy.

We believe in family and neighbors and friends.

We support our local community by sourcing ingredients from local independent farmers. 

We believe in chasing your dreams and taking risks. 

We believe in building relationships through transparency and honesty and generosity and teamwork. 

And above all else, we believe in being genuine and having FUN!

So please take a look around and let us know how we can help you become a part of the Indie Goat family!