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About Natural and Healthy Beard Care

Beards! Ahh, yes, men are sporting those beards, beards are in. We aren’t talking about those big burly wild crazy beards. We are talking about those big, full beards that are maintained.

It takes some intentional TLC to grow and maintain a strong, healthy, sexy beard.  Indie Goat Soap Co. can help you with a regiment that includes a quality beard balm that has been gently formulated and tested on a beard from the baby stage.

What is beard balm? Beard balm is simply a leave in conditioner that moisturized, conditions and softens your beard.  Our beard balm is a blend of the quality oils, butters and beeswax that are formulated to facilitate proper beard growth and nourishes your skin under your beard, no more dry flaky skin.

  • new to medium beards
  • to condition during growth
  • no hold - made to condition all beards

What is beard wax? Beard wax is simply a leave in conditioner that moisturized, conditions, softens and helps style your beard.  Our beard wax is a blend of the quality oils,butters and beeswax that are formulated to facilitate proper beard growth and nourishes your skin under your beard, no more dry flaky skin.

  • medium to long beards
  • condition during growth
  • to hold fly away hairs
  • to style and hold your beard shape

What is that amazing smell? Our beard balms and beard waxes are created with a blend of essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances so no skin irritation happens and your beard doesn’t become dry and brittle in the end.

  • The Fisherman - is created with a powerful licorice blend that fishermen believe mask the human scent when baiting their hooks, so they can hook the big one!
  • The Huntsman - is a masculine smokey cedar wood and earthy aroma that hunters believe mask the human scent while hunting deer in the woods, so they can nail that rack.
  • The Wild Man - Go wild for a while, it’s a wild world! This intensely masculine and addictively warm, earthy patchouli with its hints of cedar wood will bring your back to your grass roots.  

Why our beard products?

If you have a beard, you should be maintaining it properly! This product is critical to making sure your beard looks and feels the best for your lady to snuggle against! If this is your first time using a beard balm we have just the one for you! We use jojoba oil which closely resembles the natural sebum oil that your skin produces & use essential oils to provide an aroma that makes you smell great thru the day and begs for her to feel your beard.

How To:

It is very easy to use beard balm.  Simply use a sizeable amount for your beard (finger tip or more in size) and rub it between your fingers and apply to your beard; starting from the neck and working up. Reverse the direction of your motion of application and run your fingers from top to bottom to apply to the top of your beard.  Ensure that your beard balm is applied to all the root follicles to nourish them and facilitate your beards growth.  Applications is suggested after your wash and dry your beard, as this is when your pours are nice and open to soak in all the nourishment available.

If applied regularly and correctly, our beard balm will keep your beard healthy, strong, and shiny while helping you grow that long full beard you’ve been working toward.

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