Core Values

Indie Goat Soap Co. believes in creating luxurious skin care that women and men crave.
Our goats milk soap isn’t about just smelling good. It is about creating an experience in the shower, indulging your senses with pure aromas, and empowering women to take on the day.
Our natural skincare line nourishes your body, so you can feel irresistibly confident all day long. 

Indie Affirmation

We believe that our customers’ needs are the most vital ingredient of Indie’s recipe for success.  Everything we do starts and ends with you.  Period.

We also believe that good business starts with a genuine handshake and a smile.  When you meet her, Heather is the first to greet you with a hand extended outward, ready to shake yours and get to know you.  Watch out though…all of that milking by hand has resulted in a pretty strong grip!



Family is the backbone of our company. They inspire us to create, have patience when we are overwhelmed with momming/working/farming/life, and cheer us on when we need it most.  It is where it all started, and why our products are created with our loved ones in mind. 


Integrity & Sass

We have fun creating what we love! Everything about Indie Goat reflects our unique flair and individual creativity.  From our nourishing recipes, to our fun labels, to the personal touch we add when shipping out packages; everything is designed to deliver nothing but the best.  We love creating pure, natural, toxin-free skin care products that you feel good using!