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Meet the Goats

It all starts at the farm with the goats...

All of our herd of 12 goats are raised on our 10 acre farm in the hills of Naples, New York located in the heart of the Finger Lakes.  Our milking does grazing on our lush pasture during the day and come and go from the barn as they please.

Goats aren't grazers, they are browsers.  They enjoy roaming the fields looking for the best greens to eat.  Our does are then brought into the milking area within the barn twice a day to be milked by hand while they enjoy a dish of healthy grain with minerals that they need to support proper growth and milk production. 

Each Alpine doe will yield a gallon to a gallon and a half allowing us to produce 42 gallons of milk a day from our current 6 milking doe.  

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