Our Formulas


Using botanical ingredients that are made up of wildcrafted and organic herbs, algae, clay, volcanic ash and activated charcoal.

Plant-derived (Botanical) Ingredients were among the very first cosmetics. Natural colorants, plant juices for soothing the skin, and essential oils for imparting scent were all used in ancient times. Historically, plants were the only way to produce products for cleansing, moisturizing and covering up blemishes (makeup).


More Milk. No Water.

In our products we believe that water shouldn’t be an ingredient; rather it should be used as an activator to bring our soap to life during your cleansing regimen.

Our beauty bars are batched using fresh raw goat milk sourced directly from Heather's farm. This pure, rich, unpasteurized goat milk provides Indie Goat's beauty bars with their luxurious lather and is an essential ingredient for nourishing your skin. This is the main ingredient that provides our soap with its superior lather!



Here at Indie Goat, we believe in the purity of our products and choose not to compromise our products by adding water.  When water is added to natural ingredients like oils & fats, you need emulsifiers (wax), thickeners and preservatives to fight bacteria and fungi from growing.

This is why all of our formulas are uniquely created in-house by our co-owner and head of R & D and are proprietary to Indie Goat.  

When sourcing our ingredients, we are making sure that the oils are cold-pressed, which means the oil is extracted by the crushing of the nut or fruit.  This process allows the oils to maintain the plant’s goodness and is found to provide more antioxidants, providing superior benefits.



We believe in crafting our products in small batches. This allows us to maintain control of our processes to ensure that the integrity of our products is consistently superior.

During production, our beauty bars are batched using a cold-process method. This means we do not heat anything above our proprietary low-temp blending process. This ensures our products maintain the active vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants provided by the raw ingredients.

Along with adhering to our cold-process method, it also allows us to use less energy and is made by our hands and not machines.

Our skin care products are created fresh weekly and nothing is on the shelf more than 2 weeks before leaving our production facility, ensuring our products are at their freshest point upon arrival.