Why Goats Milk Matters

Natural Exfoliation.  

Goat milk naturally contains lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid).  Lactic acid is known for helping to remove dead skin cells by gently sloughing away dull skin and cleansing away impurities, leaving your skin nourished and moisturized. The removal of dead skin cells facilitates a more brightened, youthful, and rejuvenated skin tone.

Similar pH of the Human Body.  

Because goat milk has a pH level similar to our human bodies, it is more easily absorbed by our skin, less irritating, and is known to help keep bacteria at bay. The fatty acids and triglycerides found in goat milk not only keep your insides running smoothly, but they help you look great on the outside too. Their moisturizing qualities help keep your skin baby soft. Goat milk also has high levels of vitamin A, which can improve your complexion, fight acne and improve overall skin health.


Your skin is the human body’s largest organ. The majority of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, which can have both positive and negative effects on our overall health.  By using goat milk soap, your skin & body is nourished by nature.

But there’s more!

Goat milk contains beneficial minerals that nourish the skin (like selenium), and is loaded with vitamins (most importantly vitamin A, the most important vitamin for the skin).

Goat milk has unique nourishing properties that make it the perfect ingredient to add to your daily skincare routine.  It is a lifesaver for dry, irritated, and sensitive skin.

A quick personal fact….YES our family drinks raw goats milk! Regularly consuming goat milk enhances the body’s natural ability to process iron, and boosts your ability to naturally fight colds and infections.