Cleanse. Detox. Hydrate Kit

Enjoy all the benefits of Indie Goat all in one kit!  Our products are formulated to work with each other to give you the best skin care routine for your skin type.  In this kit, you receive 3 skin loving products...a beauty bar, a clay mask and a facial oil to enjoy nourished skin to it's fullest. 

Feed your skin with moisture from goat milk!

Your skin needs nourishment, not just cleansing. Our Beauty Bars are made with nourishing fresh raw goat milk, omegas from fats and plant-derived ingredients, effectively nourish, strengthen and revitalize your skin, giving you a brighter & hydrated complexion.

Feel tight and toned skin after masking!

They are easy to apply, fun to use and great for delivering results in your target areas.  Should I use a facial mask? Absolutely!  Clay mask is the perfect skin care product, for delivering active ingredients to detoxify, hydrate your skin, and remove access oil from your pores to improve your complexion.

Enjoy instant hydration with our Facial Oils!

Our facial oils are the next step in your skincare routine after cleansing your skin, no matter what your skin type. Our facial oils restore moisture to your skin soothing your skins dehydration, by sinking right into your skin.

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Beauty Bar
Clay Mask
Facial Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

Feels great and smells wonderful. Doesn't leave my skin greasy.

Luscious facial care

My skin has never glowed so brightly! I'm in love with this kit. The soap feels so creamy on my skin. The mud mask has left my skin milky smooth. And the facial oil is my new bestie! Everyone is commenting on my youthful glow. Thank you Indie Goat for making me look years younger and more vibrant!


I absolutely love the number 1 cleansing bar paired with the face oil. It's cleared up my clogged pours and my face is amazingly soft. Also love the body oil and the lavender hydrating body soap! Definitely will be sticking with these products!


The 3 products that make up this package are amazing and make for such an easy facial routine! I have never been one to care much about any sort of beauty products but am now obsessed with everything Indie. The beauty bars make my skin feel fresh and clean, the oil makes my face feel as smooth as butter, and after my weekly use of the mask (I use the anti-aging one) I feel like I’m finally starting to the defeat the lines that are wanting to take over my face! Totally recommend this package to anyone who wants a simple yet super effective face routine.

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